NEWS:KS-60 Slurry Separation System for Dredging Project




KOSUN Drilling Waste Treatment System Product Intro

KOSUN Drilling Waste Treatment System is also known as the Z ero Discharge mud system and t

Well Site "Green Drilling" Mud Circulation Syst

Green drilling refers to the drilling process that focuses on pollution p https://www.kosun

Requirements of solids control system in complex dr

For oil drilling operations, vertical wells are the simplest drilling task. However, direct

Harmless Treatment Process of Waste Drilling Mud Wh

Waste drilling mud is one of the main pollution sources in the petroleum and natural gas in

Introduction to the advantages of KOSUN's Mud Zero

The M ud Zero Discharge S ystem developed by KOSUN mainly includes shale shaker, centrifuge

New type of special equipment for processing gas in

Vacuum deaerator is a new type of special equipment used to process gas intrusion drilling


KOSUN was founded by Mr. Geng Zhonghou in Xi’an China in 1992. Now, KOSUN has 332 employees, including 158 persons above college degree and 55 managerial personnel and professional technicians. Up to now, KOSUN has formed a strategic layout integrating three centers and two industries. The Production, R&D and Domestic Sales Center is located in Xi'an China, the Overseas Project Management Center and International Trade Center in Beijing China and the Oilfield Services and Oilfield Engineering Center in Aktobe Kazakhstan in Central Asia. The two industries are traditional...